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Blossoming: The Private Collection of Mr. Yeung Sau Wong



Macau Timepiece Museum, in collaboration with Mr. Yeung Sau Wong, is pleased to present “Blossoming: The Private Collection of Mr. Yeung Sau Wong”, selections from Mr. Yeung Sau Wong’s collection. As a renowned timepieces collector from Hong Kong and vice president of the Macau Horologe Association, this is the first time that Mr. Yeung Sau Wong has publicly presented his private collection in Macao.

In this exhibition, you will enjoy the rhythmic beauty of the antique mechanical watches and the subtle refinement of colorful enamel paintings painted on pocket watches and snuff boxes. This is a visual feast of the miniature enamel world, where each color will still blossom after the passage of centuries and continues to shine with dazzling brilliance.

Words from Collector

In 1952, I moved to Hong Kong from Fujian Province. When I was in elementary school, I passed by many lathe stores on my way home, and I was so happy to watch the masters making the molds and cases. I had a chance to see a few pocket watches in Sheung Wan's Lascar Row and asked the owner how to open the watch, and the owner said: "How could you play with a pocket watch if you can't even open it"? I felt ashamed and determined to understand this thing since then. I bought several clocks with my parents' allowance and started to disassemble them myself. I started to hang out in bookstores and immersed myself in the beauty of mechanical rhythm and the knowledge of watches.

In 1991, I had the chance to meet Mr. Kiu Tai Yu, with whom I often talked about antique watches. I fell in love with Chinese market watches and special escapements under his influence. Over the years, I also met many antique watch lovers, and I have never stopped my love of timepieces.

I am glad to exhibit some of my collections at the Macau Timepiece Museum and share with you my unending love for timepieces and the beauty and art of watchmaking since I was a young boy. I sincerely hope you will enjoy this exhibition and review with me once again the journey of time from the young to the present.


Mr. Yeung Sau Wong

Exhibition Period: 2023.05.18 - 2023.12.31

Opening Hours: 10:30 -18:00


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