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Temporary Closure Notice(20240414)

Release date:2024-04-15
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Dear valued audience,

Macau Timepiece Museum was officially established on September 25, 2018. As a privately-owned museum dedicated to timepieces, it has welcomed visitors from over a hundred countries and regions, with more than 400,000 people having visited so far. We currently house over 500 permanent collections spanning more than 400 years of timekeeping history, showcasing various types of timepieces. With the exception of the earliest large clock towers, the collection almost spans the entire historical context of timekeeping.

Today, with deep sentiment and reluctance, we announce a message to everyone. Due to the expiration of our venue lease, our museum will temporarily close starting from April 21, 2024, and the office address will be moved to Floor 13F, Centro Comercial Kuong Fat, No. 174 R. de Pequim, Macao (not open to the public).

Please pay attention to the latest news on our official WeChat account and website. During this special period, we welcome everyone to visit our online museum on our official website.


Thank you for your support. Looking forward to meeting you again.

Macau Timepiece Museum