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Painted Dial Automatic Wristwatch

Release date:2023-12-30
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Painted Dial Automatic Wristwatch

Inventory Number: WW2312001LC

Produced by Mr. Lawrence Wong, a professional painter and art instructor from Hong Kong. Due to the impact of the pandemic in the past few years, we have faced difficulties but also embraced a new era. It requires new decision-making and striving for the future. Mr. Wong created this artwork based on this sentiment, symbolizing the image of a Rising dragon, resembling a tiger’s gaze, hope that we can all see and own a brighter future. Private Collection of Mr. Ye Yong Jian.


About the Artist:

Coming from Hong Kong, China, Mr. Lawrence Wong is a member of the International Watercolor Society Hong Kong Chapter (IWSHK) and a member of the Mondial Art Academia in France. For Mr. Wong, painting is a means of expressing the inner sensations and imagery he experiences. The craftsmanship of the tourbillon wristwatch particularly resonates with his artistic sensibilities, and he uses his brush to depict the emotions he feels, capturing the most beautiful moments and paying homage to the tourbillon movement. At the same time, he hopes that through his artwork, more people can become acquainted with and appreciate the aesthetic beauty of the tourbillon. His creative inspiration stems from aesthetically pleasing objects around him and his passion for timepieces.