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Charles Reuge Musical Pocket Watch with Automata

Release date:2021-09-09
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Charles Reuge Musical Pocket Watch with Automata

Inventory Number: PW2109001LC

Made in Switzerland circa the 1990s. 57mm. Gold-plated case. The front dial scene depicting varicolored gold-plated automaton: a gondolier rowing a gondola with a man serenading a woman on blue solid ground, a concealed erotic automaton scene inside the back cuvette, and activated by pressing a button below the scene. Case and dial signed; cuvette numbered.

Roman numerals on silvered chapter ring of eccentric time display, sweep center seconds, blued steel alarm hand.

Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, music,automaton, concealed erotic automaton and alarm. 


History about Charles Reuge

Charles Reuge was born in 1839 in Buttes, a small village in a valley that borders on Sainte-Croix, where the company’s factory is still based today.

He became the first watchmaker to integrate within a pocket watch a miniaturized version of the cylinder and comb arrangement from a music box in an early example of the fusion of two different technologies from two different worlds. Charles Reuge pocket watches are still manufactured by the company today. 

On loan from the private collection of Mr. IAO.